If Girls Made a Checklist Before Dating a Guy....

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

photo by athena.via PhotoRee

Wouldn’t life be so much easier if we all made lists of qualifications that a guy needs to meet? If every girl made a list… of things she looks for in a guy (within reason and being realistic) it could possibly save us the trouble of dealing with men that aren’t worth our time.  

Actually, you can do this, simply by making a list of everything you look for in a guy and whenever you begin getting to know a new guy, as long as you know enough about him, see if he fits in the list. 

Remember, he doesn’t have to get a yes for every qualification, but at least some, obviously. 

Your list can contain things like:
Likes animals
Has a good job
Knows how to manage money
Close with his family
Isn't a big drinker
Not insecure
Not cocky
Has old school values (opening doors, etc.)

It’s like a giant check list to see if a guy passes the test.  Sometimes it’s hard to do this at the time, so if you have a list made up ahead of time, you can always pull it out no problem and start seeing how your current interest does!!

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