My Day (with Stella) at PawsAbilities 2013!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

This year, I once again attended PawsAbilities which benefits the Susquehanna Service Dogs! It was held at the Farm Show Complex, and this year was a blast, just like I expected!  When I got there I took a few laps to check out the agility activities, in which my friend had her chihuahuas and it was so adorable to watch such a tiny dog jump over obstacles and display some fancy footwork!  

I was mesmerized by the dock diving and how enthusiastic both the dogs and the owners were.  Stella seemed to enjoy watching as well!!  I really enjoyed chatting with different people about both my dog and theirs and it was nice for Stella to be exposed to new people.  She did very well and I know the kids their really enjoyed getting to pet her. 

Just like I always do every time I'm at Pawsabilities, I stopped by Miss Lucy's Dog Treats stand and purchased some baked Easter cookies for the pups!  

I also got the chance to meet and introduce myself to Mary Ann from Just Four Dogs, who just so happens to be a fan and reader of Ask Away!! Just Four Dogs has homemade healthy baked treats, and they are all made from human grade ingredients.   Mary Ann was nice enough to let Stella (and her siblings) try out some delicious treats!  I must say, they smelled delicious even to me!! 

Once again, PawsAbilities was a blast, and I plan on attending again next year, and so should you!! 

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  1. I love chihuahuas my little one is 3 years old and my best friend


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