My Happiness Project - March - Aim Higher

Friday, March 1, 2013

photo by clvrmnkyvia PhotoRee

My Happiness Project goal for March is to Aim Higher. This will have to do with work and my blog. 

Ways I will do this are:
1. Not complain about my job
2. Grow my blog
3. Work harder

1. Not complain about my job.
I will remember how lucky I am to have a job, especially one with great pay and benefits.  And I will train myself to let that thought pop up whenever I get ready to complain about something with my job. 

2.  Grow my blog.
I want to network more, especially locally and make my blog even more appealing and successful.

3. Work harder.
I will not let my personal life affect my work ethic and when I'm at work I will focus on work. 

Check back at the end of the month to see how I reached my goal!

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