My 30 Before I Turn 30 List

Monday, March 11, 2013

1. Go to a museum
2. Stop Smoking - July 2012
3. Buy a house - (June 2015)
4. Visit another country (even Canada)
5. Building up a decent savings fund
6. Sponsor a child - September 2012
7. Go camping overnight
8. Have my own Carrie Bradshaw moment (July 2013)
9. Get wisdom teeth removed  - March 2013
10. Get published in a print magazine - (December 2013)  
11. Visit the World Trade Center
12. Learn to meditate - October 2013
13. Buy a gun - February 2013
14. Run a 10K
15. Go Whale Watching
16. Pay off all my credit cards (Or at least all but one) - March 2014
17. Get professional photos done with my pups- September 2013
18. Pay off my car - December 2012
19. Attend BlogHer Conference
20. Attend IFB Con
21. Go to a shooting range - February 2013
22. Get 5,000 blog followers
23. Run a 5K- August 2014
24. See Jerry Seinfeld - November 2012
25. Get Rocky and Stella's paw prints added to Pixie and Grace's on my tattoo - October 2014
26. Attend Lucky Fabb - October 2013
27. Embrace Minimalism - August 2013
28. Visit Kentucky/Tennessee
29.  Lose 10 pounds and NOT gain it back again  -(March 2013)
30. Go to Fashion Week in New York


  1. I've been to a Renaissance Faire before. It was fun. I recommend dressing up. Some people even brought their dogs and dressed them up too =) Good job with crossing off a lot of things on your list...Only 17 more to go!

    1. thanks for reading ! I am so excited because I really think I can cross all these things off! And yea, i hear people REALLY dress up and go all out for the ren faire!

  2. Hey girl, I think you can cross off one more. Get published in a print magazine, you did it!!!!!

  3. you have a tattoo? and you go to a shooting range?! proud of you girl - Maureen

  4. Even Canada. Lol


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