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Monday, June 1, 2015

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Thinking of going camping this Summer? Well, make sure you have everything you need BEFORE you head out. I put together a list of some camping essentials you can find at Rockvale Outlets Lancaster.  

1| A Fishing Rod
There are plenty of fishing rods to choose from at Orvis Outlet so you can catch your dinner for each day you are out in the wilderness.   I love the selection.    And if you don't know how to fish, now is a GREAT time to learn!

2 | A Tent
Coleman Factory Outlet has some amazing tents to choose from. Whether you want a single tent or one with dividers you can find the latest and greatest models and styles.   If you have to sleep in something and stay out of any bad weather in it, you might as well invest in something great.

3 | A Grill
Come on, you thought you should go camping without a grill? I mean a fire is great but a grill is even better! There are so many different sizes and models to choose from at Coleman Factory Outlet.
See? There are even higher tech ones like the Hyper Flame! It even has an option for wind blocking!

4 | Hiking Boots
You can't expect to be out in the wilderness without a decent pair of shoes.  There are so many different stores to shop at in Rockvale Outlets Lancaster like G.H. Bass, Famous Footwear, Under Armour, Merrell and even Orvis!

5 | Pots & Pans
Kitchen Collection has plenty of great pots and pans to choose from as well as other items for all your outdoor cooking needs!

Also, be sure to take advantage of any preferred shopper deals and discounts. I signed up for the Preferred Shopper Card at Rockvale Outlets Lancaster and it allows me to get exclusive discounts and some of the major stores there! You can sign up for the one I have at the management office of Rockvale Outlets Lancaster or any participating store. You can also sign up here. You can see participating stores and register for your card and then just pick it up in person!

What other items do you think you would need for camping?

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