Yes, You Can Shower in Flip Flops

Monday, June 1, 2015

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That's right, whether it's because you are someone afraid of germs in the shower, or because you just like to wear flip flops a lot, Showaflops will blow your mind!
Showaflops were designed to be used in public showers, gyms,steam rooms, dorms, camps, pools, locker rooms and pretty much anywhere else.  They have little drainage holes and an antimicrobial layer. There's also a slip resistant sole to protect feet against mold, fungus, and bacteria on floors.   And of course they come in gorgeous colors and designs.

I got the Elongated Hearts in Lavender. I love the color and the strap but I really love how nice these are everywhere I go. I also have worn them a few times in the shower just because! The textured pebble surface really does help me from sliding and I love how comfy these are!    No one can even tell that they aren't regular sandals!  If you are a parent - these would be great to send your kids off to college dorms or summer camp with!

And one lucky winner will get a pair of Showflops of their choice!

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  1. Sounds like great flip flops

  2. I am ready to get my flop on. Showaflops sound great for adults and students. We all could use a pair of flip flops that protect us from germs and that are super comfortable.

    1. I mean really, i'd rather wear them now that I know they exist, ya know?

  3. Thank You for the contest and I love to win!


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