Keeping My Dogs Occupied

Monday, June 22, 2015

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So I'm literally in the middle of moving right now, and all I can say is thank goodness for treats or else my dogs would be a mess!  I have been giving them Natural Balance Pumpkin and Chicken Dental Chews from Chewy and it's really keeping them occupied so I can get lots done!
They have done just fine with the move so far which is great. I always worry though that it might throw them off for a few days, especially when it comes to them staying "regular" but luckily the pumpkin in these chews should help with that!   These are grain free and have special grooves to help reduce plaque and tartar.  They also support easy chewing and digestion and help keep their breath fresh.  And of course there are antioxidant nutrients to support their immune systems which is important because usually during a move is when they can get sick from stress.
Well just wanted to give a quick update! Stay tuned for more!  

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