Why I'm Wearing A Watch Finally

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

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When I was a kid I used to wear watches all the time, but as I grew older I couldn't stand them.  They either pinched me, were too bulky, were too heavy, or just plain looked goofy with my outfit.   But now I am wearing a watch almost everyday!  It's a miracle!  I know we are all able to check the date and time on our phones but that doesn't mean watches are a thing of the past.   The watch I'm wearing is the Ely in Maple from JORD!  Jord has Women and Mens Wooden Watches at a great price in so many stylish options!

This watch is so classy and elegant and it's perfect even if I layer jewelry on my arm.  I often forget I'm even wearing it because of how lightweight it is. It has such a feminine look and feel to it that I'm not longer embarrassed to wear a watch!  
I like layering it with one or two bracelets but I also love wearing it alone because the wooden look makes a statement on it's own.

And actually there are so many benefits to wearing this type of watch. I actually am not glued to my phone anymore and it doesn't look rude if I glance down to nonchalantly check the time during a meeting or even during a conversation with someone.  It just looks like I'm adjusting my watch!

I love that I can now accessorize using my watch and it is so neutral that it goes with practically every outfit in my closet! I have received so many compliments on it already and now I never want to take it off!

Do you wear a watch?

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