10 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe When You Go On Vacation

Friday, July 8, 2016

Tis the season for vacations and weekend trips with friends and family.  Unfortunately, tis all the season for burglaries and vandalism when you are away from your home.  Before you head out for the week, make sure you follow some of these tips for keeping your home and property safe.

[1] Notify Police
It doesn't matter where you live, you can ALWAYS notify the police when you go away so they can do a house check.  Every day or two they will come by and walk around your house to ensure that no one has broken a window or busted through a locked door. 

[2] Notify Neighbors You Trust
Hopefully you have one or two neighbors you are close with that you can give a heads up that you are going away.  This is always a good idea because they are the best people to keep an eye on your house and they are more likely than anyone else to notice any unusual activity. 

[3] Manage Your Mail + Newspaper
If you have a trustworthy neighbor, consider asking them to take your mail and paper inside of their home each day so it looks like YOU are home.  You can also request to have your mail and paper held during the time you are gone.  The worst thing you can do is have packages at your door step for a few days.  It pretty much makes it obvious that you aren't there plus it's risky in case someone decides to steal your deliveries!

[4] Leave the Lights On
While it's a good idea to safe electricty when you're gone by turning off lights and adjusting the thermostat, you should always keep a light or two on.  If you have a nightlight you can put near a window or a kitchen light you can leave on overhead, definitely consider doing that.  Also, porch lights can be a good deterrant (although sometimes people know someone's away if the light is on everyday when it's normally off).  You can even get a timer for the other lights in your house so it looks like you're there for a few hours here and there.

[5] Invest in a Camera
Wifi cameras are the best. Not only can you monitor them in real time but they can easil record anything that goes on.  Seriously, consider a wifi camera not just for when you're on vacation but ALL the time.

[6] Designate a House Sitter
If you have a trustworthy friend or family member consider asking them to stay in your home while you are away.  Obviously having someone there is one of the best detterant to burglaries.

[7] Be Strategic with Windows
Closing all your curtains may be a good idea but it also can make it obvious you're not home.  If you have upstairs windows that people can't look in, maybe leave one or two of those curtains open just slightly.  You can also ask a neighbor to open your curtains in the morning and close them at night. 

[8] Don't Go Too Public
While it's nearly impossible to not upload beach pictures when you're on vacation, try not to broadcast your vacay ahead of time.  It's fun to brag that you have 3 days left till you leave for the beach but can you really trust everyone on your Facebook or social media pages?  Consider not posting your beach photos until after you get back. And if you have pets, and anyone on social media asks what you did with them... lie and say you have someone staying at your house. Trust me ;-)

[9] No Vacation Recordings
I think the worst idea ever is leaving an email or telephone message that indicates "We are on vacation" or "We are out of town".  That's wayyyyy too much info.  

[10] Car Placement
If you are a multiple car household, consider leaving one in the driveway that you normally park in the garage.  Make sure it's locked obviously but just know that it can help deter potential burglars from assuming no one's home and breaking in.

Of course a security system could have been on the list but sometimes we don't have the time or money before our vacation to get one.  So just know that these tips are designed for someone without a security system.

Happy Vacationing!

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  1. I never post about locations or travel on my blog or social media until I've already gotten back from my trip or left the location.

  2. I already to a lot of these thing.


  3. These ideas are really helpful to avoid home-broke. It is important to think for alternatives that will keep your safe when you are out.

  4. Omg don't put on Facebook, "hey everyone I'll be out of town on Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm
    No one will be home. I've got four tvs, a ps4, an iPad (in the top drawer by the bed) and an iMac and I WONT be home. Time for a siesta!!"
    lol for real I see that shit all the time...

    1. LOL i know i'm like oh..... do you not realize the invitation you just gave/ haha!


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