So You're Broke + Bored This Summer....Now What?

Monday, July 18, 2016

Ah, the struggle.... it's summer, the weather is warm, the world is out playing and grilling, and you are sitting there wondering what the hell you can do with the $15 you have left till payday.  I know it all too well.

Listen, I may be the queen of handling money but that doesn't mean I'm loaded. I definitely can give great advice on money and I follow a strict budget, but that being said, I don't have endless amounts to throw around for leisurely things.  

So that leaves the option of being bored. Being bored sucks.  It can lead to feelings of depression and even the urge to go out and spend money you don't have (CREDIT CARDS! AHH!) so I figured I'd share with you a few ways I still enjoy Summer without spending any money. 

Yes, it sounds lame and boring but it's not.  First of all, there's this amazing thing called the public library which I got a card for since it's been oh, what, 20 years or so since I last ventured there and I can get books for FREE.   No monthly costs, no purchasing... free free free.  Books are so great because you can sit outside and enjoy the weather while reading.  You can even enjoy an adult beverage while reading.  And they have some of the newest books too so don't think you're stuck with boring ancient things.   

So whether you want to walk around your own neighborhood or you want to check out a nature it!  It not only keeps you active but it takes up time and it's a very fulfilling to do when you set off on excursions.   You may also find (like I have) there are neighbors that want to join in on your daily or weekly walks.    

If you have a house then you're in luck because you likely have a yard and a grill for entertaining.  Now, this isn't totally free because you'll probably have to get some chicken or burgers on your next grocery trip, but the rest of the food and the fun can be free. Invite a few of your closest friends and neighbors over and tell them to bring their own booze, chairs, and a covered dish.  VOILA! All you have to do the day of is clean, and make sure you're ready to grill some burgers.  

For the small initial price of a few bucks or even free from your friends or neighbors, you can start your own container garden.  It not only provides you with food but it's something to do as you tend to your garden and prune, water, and harvest your veggies.   If you don't have any old pots sitting around, you can always grab some at yard sales or improvise and use old buckets. Just drill a hole in the bottom for drainage.  Seriously, you can use pretty much anything shaped like a pot or bucket as a container for a garden. 

So while these may not be super exciting ideas for your Saturday night, it's a great way to fill the daytime void of wanting something to do during the summer!

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  1. these all great things to do during the summertime.


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