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Friday, July 15, 2016

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Anyone who knows me knows that I just adore my dogs as if they were actual human children.   I also enjoy having a clean home.  Now, with 4 chihuahuas let me tell you it can be a lot to keep up with when they decide to misbehave.  A perfect example of that is when I get done cleaning the entire house.  I will have the sofas vacuumed and freshened up, and the carpet throughout the house is full of vacuum lines.  And then I decide to give the pups a bath.   This is where chaos ensues.

You see, once they are done with their baths, they are so excited that they want to go zooming around the house right away before I even have time to fully dry them.  Seriously, time is of the essence when I have to dry them and I have to do it as fast as I can so that they can't go rubbing against the clean carpet and sofa to get dry.  

So I will let you in on a little secret....   the e-cloth cleaning & drying towel for pets! This towel works quickly to remove and lock away dirt, mud, and bacteria.  It actually absorbs twice as much moisture as a conventional towel and dries four times more quickly.   It's so soft and it actually seems to be fun for my chihuahuas now, as they enjoy cuddling with it to help dry off.  It's even guaranteed for 300 machine washes!  

I can't believe how absorbent this towel is! It's really made bath time go a lot more smoothly and the dogs definitely enjoy it more so they are no longer trying to escape from me as I take them into the tub for bath time.  

e-cloth has so many great products so be sure to check them all out and also follow them on social media at the links below:
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I am a huge fan of e-cloth already and I want to give you the chance to see for yourself how well it can work so I am going to be giving away a pet drying towel to one lucky reader! PLEASE note that this giveaway is open to the US only.  
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