Scenes from My Productive Weekend

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Did you ever have one of those weekends where you felt so productive and everything went your way? Well I did!! Saturday morning I woke up at 6 like usual.   I decided to get back on track with my fitness so I worked out and then since it was so warm out I did a few things that I wanted to get off my seasonal to do list. 

 I rearranged the screened in porch back to it's normal set up.  For the winter we always move all the furniture into one big cluster so it's away from the windows and can't get snow on it when the snow blows through the screens.  Everything is back to normal and I even vacuumed.  So many damn dead bugs!
 I took my egg cartons and bag of dirt outside and planted seeds for in the greenhouse.  Bottom shelf is Caesar lettuce and kale and top shelf has eggplants, tomato, peppers, and zucchini. 
 Took a break from outside and began rearranging my closet.  Now that I found so many clothes that I love from LuLaRoe I needed more room.  So I keep my skirts in a drawer now instead of hanging, and I put the jeans and pants from my drawer onto the one closet shelf.  Also purged some shoes and stuff! Woohoo! 

These shoes may not be practical but I'm still keeping them because they bring me joy! 

And finally I planted some peas in the garden beds and cleaned them up a bit to get some of the leaves out.
And Saturday night was our monthly date night.  This time we went to Ciro's Italian Restaurant in Lancaster!

It was actually in this cute little area that is basically a neighborhood of town homes but has it's own strip of businesses and restaurants. James really wanted to try their gluten free pasta. 

 So this drink was called a Pina Gelato! It was so freakin' good.  This place is all about gelato!

 Don't go all crazy on me but I ordered Veal Saltimbocca for dinner. Seriously it was so good I haven't eaten anything that delicious in quite a while.  James got gluten free penne and couldn't even tell the difference which is what we were hoping for. Half the time gluten free pastas taste nothing like pasta so we were very impressed.  We loved Ciro's.  The inside was beautiful and everyone was so friendly.

Oh and here's my outfit!   I will have a full outfit post with more shots in the next couple of weeks!

What did you do this past weekend?

 photo ScreenShot2014-06-25at102225PM_zps4fdda517.png


  1. Looks like such a productive weekend Ellen! I need to re-arrange my closet, too! Right now I am working on selling a bunch of stuff on ebay for my sister and I... I love that mug. Lol. I feel the same

    1. I seriously re-arrange my closet like twice a year AT the least lol and I know. Isn't that mug just sooo true?


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