How I Deal with A Dry Scalp

Monday, September 11, 2017

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Remember when having a dry, itchy scalp meant you were gross? I'm talking high school time where dandruff was your biggest fear.  Well, the truth is - MANY people have a dry scalp and it doesn't mean your dirty and gross.  It just means you need to take different card of your hair and scalp and today I'm giving you some tips and advice.  I myself have always suffered from a sensitive, dry, and itchy scalp.  It's a pain and there's a million and one suggestions for what to do but I've finally found stuff that works for me.  I hope it works for you too!

Water Temperature
I used to love steaming hot showers but I realized it was taking a toll on my skin.  My entire body had much drier skin that normal and my scalp was no exception.  I started gradually lowering the temperature and it's to the point now where I still have a nice warm shower.  At the end of my shower I actually blast cold water on my scalp and hair to help seal the cuticle.  It is actually very invigorating. 

 Tea Tree Shampoo
Lately, I've begun using Tea Tree Special Formula Shampoo from Maple Holistics.  Tea tree is a root shrub that's grown in Australia.  People are always raving about tea tree oil for dry skin or dry scalp and that's for good reason.  Tea tree works to clear dead skin cells from the hair follicles and helps fight dandruff.  It's even a natural solution for head lice! This shampoo also contains rosemary which works to stimulate the cell renewal of hair follicles as the tea tree gets to work.  Rosemary leaves hair smooth and refreshed. And of course lavender is anothe ringredient which helps clear away blemishes on the scalp and ease the pain of burns.  It has antiseptic and algesic properties and promotes rapid health. 
THIS is the second paragraph of text post. I just lather up with this shampoo and let it sit for maybe 3 minutes then give it a nice rinse with warm water.  It feels so good when I massage this in so it's a nice little pamper session for me.

My skin isn't so raw feeling after my showers now and actually I don't get an itchy scalp the second day either.  I used to use anti-dandruff brand products but seriously, I've gotten rid of those and I'm going the all natural way from here on out since I know it works for me!

Psst make sure you check out the Maple Holistics Free Sample Program which lets you try out their products at NO cost at all!

A Gentle Dry
Even though most of us are in a rush to get done with our hair after a shower, it's important to take your time even if that means a few extra minutes of drying time because you are losing less heat.  I actually use warm heat for the first few minutes then I switch to cool.  Especially when I'm working around the roots, it makes a huge difference in how my scalp feels afterwards. 

Washing Every Other Day
I try to go every other day without washing my hair. This doesn't always work for everyone but it's what works for me.  The first day I can wear my hair down but by the second day, it's starting to get a bit greasy so I usually wear it half up.  And if I go a third day, I have to wear my hair totally up.  People think that not washing your hair makes it oily, but the opposite is true for most hair types.  Washing your hair with shampoo can strip the natural oils.  So within a day your scalp starts over producing more oils.  Then you're extra greasy.  It does take some time to get used to washing less often and in the beginning your hair will be greasy, but your scalp will adjust and be very grateful eventually so be patient.  Also, dry shampoo works wonders!

Using Less Products

Hair products can actually cause a lot of buildup on the scalp. The only products I use are a sleep smooth serum that I put in ONLY the ends of my hair before I blowdry it, and a few spritzes of a heat protectant.  My hair gets gunky and greasy if I use too many products so I try to keep it at a minimum.  

What tips do you have for dealing with a dry scalp? Leave them below!

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