[Our Weekend] Date Night, Fall Decorating, + LipSense

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

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This weekend was pretty low key but still pretty eventful. I always share everything going on in my life on social media and not so much on here. I guess I just got lazy. But from now on I'll post weekly with everything that's happening. But if you aren't following me on social media yet make sure you do, especially SnapChat (EllenR886) because I try to keep it super funny!

 So it was time for our monthly date night and this time we had a gift card so we went to Greystone Public House.  This place is so beautiful and classy, both inside and out.  They also have a nice selection for Gluten Free and Vegan folks. 

 We started off with the veggie board which includes gluten free pita and squash hummus.  There were also roasted Brussels sprouts, carrots, and beets!
 I got a glass of white zin as well!
 For dinner I chose the Veal Porterhouse which was mouth wateringly amazing and I have to say it's the best meal I've had in a very long time.
 James got the slow smoked prime rib. It was fantastic. It literally melts in your mouth!
 Told you it was the best meal ever!
 For dessert we had the Chocolate Turtle Mousse! It was not only gluten free but very rich and filling.
This was out last date night as an engaged couple because our next one will be at the end of October after we get married.  Our date nights are planned out well in advance since we have crazy schedules with James' work having him on call every couple of weekends. 
When we got home we decided we'd have a fire and invite the neighbors over.  Of course I had already taken my makeup off but I figured a little lip color wouldn't hurt. So I decided to try out LipSense!
 Boring dull lips before....
 With LipSense you clean and dry your lips then shake the bottle of color.   Then you put three layers on with a 10 second break between each layer.  You swipe in one direction as you apply.  You keep your mouth open, you don't touch your lips, and you can use an oil-based makeup remover to fix any mistakes.
 Then after the color is on in 3 layers you can add the gloss.  It seals the color and moisturizes your lips. And if you want your color to last even longer you can re-apply the gloss before meals.  The colors I used were: Mauve Ice and the gloss was Gold Glitter.
 Even though I was dressed super casual I felt super glammed up.  So what is LipSense? It's a long lasting liquid lip color that is guaranteed for 4-18 hours.  It's waterproof, smudgeproof, kiss proof, and doesn't dry your lips up. It's also lead-free, wax free, gluten free, vegan, kosher, and is NOT tested on animals. 
 So I thought it was really unique that this makes my lips tingle when I put on the color.  It's because of a cosmetic grade Denatured Alcohol which is in the tube to create a bacteria free environment. Once the gloss is on the feeling goes away though.  It's normal for the first two weeks of use.
 You can even mix colors with each layer.  And to remove you just use an oil-based makeup remover. 

 The weather has been nice and cool lately (hello Fall!) so we had a fire again. 
So the porch is ready for Fall as well. I got rid of the potted herbs and wiped everything down real well and it's perfect for hanging out on cool nights. 
And of course it's time to decorate for Fall!

 I even made little potted flower arrangements out back.

 Here's our front door!

How was YOUR weekend? Do anything fun?

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