[Planning Our Wedding] Photo Props, Layout, + To Do List

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

 EEEEEK! You guys! It's less than a month away!

I have spent the past few weekends doing some finishing touches on everything for the wedding.

So we had some major rain for like 2 weeks straight so I took advantage of that time to use my remaining wedding budget on craft supplies to make photo props to use during our reception party. 

I love how they turned out! I can't show you what the prop signs say because I don't want to spoil it but of course since I got to use my sense of humor, I am telling you these are going to be great!   And the frame was super easy to make I just used a hot knife (the tool, not an actual hot knife, lol) to cut foam board and then painted it with the colors from my bouquet and then used tacky glue to put some embellishments on.  I can't wait to use it the day of the party!

I have a chart drawn up for which tables and chairs will go where and what things go on which table.  This is going to save me some major time and energy the day of the party.  If someone asks me where something goes - I can just point to the chart.  But it also is great because it gave me some time to see how stuff is gonna look and if it will all fit on the same table, etc.  

So you know me, I'm a planner but I love to-do lists as well so I combined both of those.   There were so many random things floating around in my head like "Oh I should definitely remember to move these out of the garage a few days before so we can sweep in there." But by the time an event day comes around I always forget something.

So I wrote everything and I mean EVERYTHING that still needs done before the big day of the party.  Then I assigned a day/date to it.  Then I made a new list that goes by date, and on that day I'll just look at what's listed and do it.  I left NOTHING out, I assure you.  It gives me so much peace of mind.

THIS IS IT!!! The next update will be pictures and a summary of how it all goes.   And you'll be excited to know we stayed within our budget of $2,500. Of course I'll do a post probably in November on how to do a wedding JUST LIKE OURS and save money.

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