Sensible Styling with Cleo Madison

Friday, September 1, 2017

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I have a new brand of clothing I'm in love with. Today's post is about sensible styling because let's be honest - most of us have jobs where we can't dress the way the floor models in the malls are dressed. Crop tops and open backs? Uhhh, no. 

So Cleo Madison is a line of modest clothing like dresses, shirts, skirts, and even swimwear that is both work appropriate AND stylish.  Bonus - you get 10% off your first order for joining their newsletter AND every order in the US gets free shipping!   

The thing I love most about Cleo Madison is that their styles can be worn at work, but also casually at home or running errands.

This dress is the Molly Striped Pocket Dress. That's right it has pockets!   And it is SO comfortable and lightweight!   It's also made in the USA which made me super excited.

The waistband is very flattering especially on someone like me that has a thick midsection.

The pockets honestly make this dress that much more enjoyable! The most important part though is the price! Everything at Cleo Madison is SO reasonably priced! This dress is just $32! And when their items are on sale it's even better!

I know there are a lot of brands out there today that have casual and conservative clothing but you honestly can't beat the prices with Cleo Madison. 

Make sure you check them out and consider adding a few pieces to your wardrobe!

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