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Monday, October 30, 2017

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A Map for Wrecked Girls by Jessica Taylor
This was such a fun read.  It was full of emotion about two sisters and a guy named Alex that get stranded on an island after their boat explodes.  Determined to get home despite the drama waiting for them, the two sisters have to come to terms with what has happened in the past and one of the sisters is head over heels for Alex.

Reluctant Hero by Michael Benfante

This is a book about Michael Benfante who survived the World Trade Center attacks and carried a woman to safety.  But this isn't just about that day. It's how his life fell apart in the years after and how he rebuilt. Great read.

City of Refuge by Tom Piazza

This was a great fiction read based on Hurricane Katrina and how it affected the different people of New Orleans.  It is amazing how the author shows the different ways in which it traumatizes people and causes them to rebuild.
This Is Where We Live by Janelle Brown
I love Janelle Brown and she's done it again, weaving together a story of financial hardship and a rocky marriage between Claudia and Jeremy.  I felt totally emotional along with the characters the entire way through the book wondering if they were going to make it or not. You'll have to see for yourself!

The Best Kind of People by Zoe Whittall
This was a completely realistic fictional story about a family that is rocked by a scandal.  It details how the community reacts and how the scandal with the dad (and students) affects each family member.  It's tragic but stuff starts to turn around in odd ways.  I loved this book and really felt like I was standing there in person watching it all unfold.

The Light We Lost by Jill Santopolo
Oh my God I don't think I can properly put into words how amazing this book is. You will have to experience it for yourself.  Basically it's about Gabe and Lucy who meet on September 11th at school.   Then they date for a while and have a very heated relationship.  They go their separate ways but over the years they continue to reconnect and cross each other's paths.  Lucy tries to move on in her life and settles for a new man and eventually has children to him.  She still stays in contact (even secretly) with Gabe.  One day, she gets a phone call that changes everything.   You CAN NOT GUESS the ending to this book. AMAZING.  I felt so many emotions during this story.  For sure one of my favorite books.

The Hot One by Carolyn Murnick
This is an AMAZING memoir that I could really relate with.  Carolyn and Ashley are best friends as children and they go down two different paths as they grow older.  At age 22, Ashley is brutally murdered and Carolyn sets off on a mission over the next 10 years to figure out what happened to her friend that led her to a horrific fate. I lost my best friend at age 22 to different circumstances but a lot of how Carolyn copes and what she thinks and feels (as unique as it is) was very similar to me. A must read FOR SURE!

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