We Are Getting Married This Week!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

So obviously if you've been following along you know that our wedding is this week. Actually, our ceremony is tomorrow and our reception party is on Saturday. 

I can not wait!!! Tomorrow we will be at the judge's office by 10 am and then we're going to lunch afterwards with our parents.   Then I think we'll just relax the rest of the day because Friday will be nuts. 

The rental chairs and tables are being delivered Friday and that's the day for me to make all final arrangements.  Setting things up, moving stuff out of the garage into the basement, and cleaning the house and garage from top to bottom.  

I can not wait to share photos with you guys and I have a post coming up next month about how I got married on a budget and I'll break down the cost for every little detail. Let me just say, I didn't want to go over $2,500 and we stayed under that so YAY!!!!

This will be the last post until after the wedding. Thanks for following along and supporting me on my journey to do things different. 

Follow along on social media if you wanna see some pics and videos over the next few days!  I'm on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat (EllenR886).

Signing off from my last blog post as an unmarried gal!

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