Date Night Idea: Crated With Love

Monday, October 9, 2017

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You probably are used to seeing my monthly date night pictures on social media by now, so you know that my relationship is very important to me.  I always say, make sure that no matter how busy you are, you still schedule time for you and your partner.   It doesn't matter if it's going out for dinner or staying in and watching a movie - time together is important.   Today though, I want to show you how date night just got more fun!

I am such a homebody so staying home for date night wouldn't bother me at all.  If you are the same way then you really need to try Crated with Love. Crated with Love is actually a monthly subscription service that sends you a date night box each month. It's just $19.99 a month which is a great deal! And shipping in the US is free.   That's for the basic membership.  You can also sign up for the Diamond Membership where you will get some free swag along with the activities and games, and you'll get access to bonus date content. You can even gift it to someone (hello Christmas, Weddings, etc.) where for $59.99 you can send two date boxes to a couple of your choice and even customize a note and the ship date.

So what's inside a Crated with Love box? Well it comes with 4 games or activities that focus on having fun while spending quality time with your significant other. It's everything you need to play the games and solve the puzzles and it's very interactive.   So let me show you what came in my Crated with Love Date Night box.

Each box comes with a booklet that explains how to do each activity and what order to do them in. The first activity was making up a story by inserting words that we get from the other person. You fill in the blanks and then read the story. It was super fun and we even got silly with it!

The second challenge was really fun.  We had a little stop watch timer and the challenge was to finish each other sentences.  It was one of those things where each person says a word to keep the story going. It was getting harder and harder by the end but we did really good and our stories were hilarious! We couldn't stop laughing!

Next up was a really fun game where we each got 5 cards and then we'd pull one main card from the deck. Whatever the main word is, you have to put one of your cards down next to it, making a perfect pair.   The pairs will grow from there.

So I put down cats, because cats are weird, like Johnny Depp lol.  Then James put down dogs because obviously cats and dogs are a good match. It was really fun and it was a good brain exercise.

Last up was a puzzle that had word games on it. It was actually double the fun because you have to put each part of the puzzle together first in order to see each word game.

The finished puzzle was really pretty too.  Overall, this was an excellent way to spend time together and it was very fun. We didn't have time to be on our phones and we didn't care to because we wanted to solve the riddles and puzzles before us. The night was filled with lots of laughs and that's exactly what we all need sometimes. 

If I were you, I would put Crated with Love on your Christmas List this year! Trust me, you won't regret it!

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