Tips for Purging Your Summer Wardrobe

Friday, October 6, 2017

Since it's the changing of the seasons it's also time to switch your wardrobe to more Fall appropriate clothing.  This also means it's a good time to do one of my favorite activities - PURGING!

I put a list together of how to purge your items so that you don't have to do it next Summer!

(1) Toss Damaged Goods
Those flip flops that have a tear on the strap and only cost you $5... toss 'em before they tear when you wear them next year.   Go through your closet and inspect all of your summer clothes for any stains that can't be removed, rips, holes, or stretched fabric that signifies the end of their life.   Personally, I still donate these damaged items because someone told me that the donation places will recycle the fabrics. 

(2) Dry Clean and Repair
Some of your items may be damaged but you want to fix them.  Whether it's hole in your most expensive summer dress or a broken heel, consider if it's worth fixing. If it is, now is the time to find someone local that repairs shoes or dresses and drop your goods off to be repaired.  You won't miss them since you won't be wearing them in the Fall.

(3) Look at What You Didn't Wear
If you avoided a few items all Summer long, ask yourself why.  Maybe it's because you just don't like how a style looks on you or maybe it just doesn't fit anymore.  That means you should remove it from your closet and donate it.

(4) Wash Up
Sometimes we wear something but don't wash it.   But if that's the case, your unwashed item may sit in your closet till next season.  So I always recommend doing the sniff test. Sniff it, and if you can tell it wasn't washed after the last use, throw it in your hamper. 

(5) Don't Forget Accessories
This is a good time to go through handbags and jewelry and decide whether to repair or toss any broken items.  Also, if there's something you NEVER wear anymore and you aren't really a fan of, donate it.

(6) Reorganize Drawers
I always take this time to remove everything from my drawers and refold and reorganize them that way if there are any items stashed and squeezed into a hidden spot, I will find them.  Most of the time it's something I end up getting rid of.

Have you already purged your Summer wardrobe?

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