5 Essential Customer Service Tips

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Customer service is everything anymore whether you're a blogger, a business owner, or an employee of a company.  Customer service not can not only affect your reputation in your industry but it can also make or break a relationship with a customer.  

Below you will find 5 essential customer service tips that you should evaluate yourself on and make sure you are putting into action. 

Tip #1: Ask for Feedback
One of the best ways to get honest opinions about how well you're serving your target customers is by asking your customers flat out.  If you have a website you can ask them for feedback through surveys or pop ups and if you own a business you can check website reviews of your business as well as letting customers know how and where they can leave feedback. 

Tip #2: Put Yourself in Their Shoes
It's essential to stop and look at things from the opposite side when it comes to business and customer service.   Put yourself in the customer's shoes and imagine how they might feel.  Sometimes this is the best way to gain perspective on what you are or aren't doing right. 

Tip #3: Focus on What You Do Right
If you get more sales or better business with certain customer service practices then make sure you do those even more and even better.  If something's already working then it's crucial to evaluate how you can make it EVEN BETTER.
Put Yourself in the Consumer/Customer's Shoes

Tip #4: Pay Attention to Others
If other companies in the same industry are succeeding with certain practices, take notes!  If people are happy with certain things that other companies do, maybe it's time that you do the same.

Tip #5: You Can Always Do Better
Even if things are going perfect and business is booming, don't ever stop trying to improve.  It's okay to celebrate your successes but keeping things the same can sometimes have a negative effect over time.  Again, use the tips above to improve your already successful customer service practices.  

Again, whether you're a business owner or even a part-time blogger, customer service is always something that can be worked on and improved.

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