13 SUPER EASY Organization Hacks

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

I love hacks, whether it's life hacks, food hacks, or organization hacks.  So since it's a new year and a lot of you have resolutions to get your life and your home more organized, I figured you could use some of my favorite organizing hacks.  Some of these are awesome because you can do it with stuff you already have!

Trust me when I say that an organized home is a happy home and can also help you have an organized mind.  I can't remember the last time I couldn't find something or I got frustrated with the way something in my home was set up.  I think I've mastered the art of hacking my organization!  Enjoy.

|Use a Mug for Pens/Art Supplies|
I don't know about you but I have so many mugs and I don't always use them all.  In fact I tend to use the bigger sized mugs because then my clumsy butt doesn't spill coffee on my laptop when I bring my filled to the top cup up to my mouth.  So what do you do with those adorable smaller sized mugs?  Duh! Organize and store! Mugs are great for holding pens, pencils, and other writing supplies.  They make a cute display and if you want to get even more creative you can wrap washi tape around them.  This can also help you free up drawer space.  I seriously have an entire drawer of writing utensils! Time to use those spare mugs!

|Display Jewelry on Hooks|
So I had these extra coat hook bars laying around and years ago I decided that since I have a closet for coats, I should use these for my jewelry.  No more cluttered jewelry box plus it's gorgeous to see them all on display.  You can even hang scarves and belts on them to free up closet or drawer space!

|Use Cardboard as Drawer Dividers|
Sure it may not be the prettiest thing but guess what?! No one ever sees it and if I really wanted to I could put washi tape on the cardboard dividers.   I like to keep my drawers neat and orderly so whenever I had extra shipping boxes that came to my house I cut them up to fit in my drawers so that my clothing stands up neat!

|Shelves for Shoes|
So I actually went out and bought these but you can also use those similar particle board shelving units and just place them in your closet.  Then you use it to hold your shoes.  It's basically vertical storage which means it frees up floor space and it makes it much easier to see what you have and reach in and grab it.

|Tiny Boxes for Hair Accessories|

Whether it's a jewelry box or a small box that business cards come in, it can be used for organizing barrettes, clips, and pony tail holders. I use these little boxes and bins in my vanity drawer. It makes it so easy to grab whatever I need in a hurry. Even the iPhone boxes come with little trays and sections in them so you can use them right away!

|Lay Clothing Vertically in Drawers|
This seriously frees up SO MUCH space! After I started the KonMari Method this became the only storage method for clothing I keep in my dresser drawers.  It came in especially handy for my sock drawer.  If you aren't sure how to fold just google the KonMari Method of folding or check out the illustrated guide here.

|Use Binder Clips for Cords and Cables|
This one is great when you have a drawer full of charging cords and cables.  When you go to pull one out normally about 5 will be yanked out with it. A binder clip like the one above gets the job done and you can even write on a piece of washi tape what the cord or cable is for.
|Nest Food Storage Containers and Lids|
I've seen some people put all of their food storage containers in a drawer but I like nesting it all within itself in a cabinet and then all of the lids that won't fit go inside a big container.  It saves space and stress!

|File Holders for Cutting Boards|
These dang things are so messy to store so I found a file holder I had and I just used that to hold my cutting boards.  It works like a charm!

|Shoe Slotz for Shoes|
These Shoe Slotz are AMAZING! They free up space by taking shoes and stacking them vertically so instead of 2 shoes taking up space it's basically only 1. 

|Stackable Clear Bins for Toiletries|
We have a small house and small medicine cabinets.  We even have small linen closets so I need to maximize storage space.  I use small clear plastic organizing bins to stack and label all my toiletries.

|Keep Manuals in Bins|
Using the same type of bins as I did for toiletries, I store manuals in stacking bins.  This way I can place them wherever I want whether it's in a utility closet or underneath a bed.  This is great because these things can take up a lot of space in a drawer and I'd rather utilize the drawer for something better.

|Label Outlets|
The worst part about trying to unplug a cord is when you don't know which cord is which.  Then you have to sit there and wiggle the one end and see where the other end is that wiggles.   So instead, use a label maker or washi tape to label what every cord is that goes into an outlet.

So I hope some of these organization hacks help you. Let me know which ones you try or leave a comment with some other ones below!
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  1. Great hacks! Thanks you for sharing!



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