Red Sky Cafe in Camp Hill | A Review

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

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I wasn't even going to post about my New Year's Eve originally but I had such a great experience where we went that I just had to.   On New Year's Eve we had reservations for a rather new spot in Camp Hill, Red Sky Cafe. Their chef, Wes Stepp brings a taste of the Outer Banks to central PA.  I love the menu selection on their website and how they describe their restaurant. 

Our waitress was named Laurel (I believe) and she was so friendly and sweet.   She really helped make the entire experience that much better. 

There was a menu for New Year's Eve specials which was a select number of items from their main menu. 

James got the pork ribs and I got the NY Strip Steak with a Crabcake served over grits.   I could not believe how much food came.  It was $36 for my plate and $30 for James' plate and seriously there was enough food to give me 2 meals (but I was a pig and ate it all).  Now as most of you know, James is gluten free and it's impossible to find a place anymore that has a great selection.  We were ecstatic when Laurel explained to us that any dish can be made gluten free and that most of their selection is already gluten free.  James was in heaven knowing he wasn't super limited like usual.  

So before dinner came out we were served house artichoke dip with bread and gluten free corn chips.  It was so delicious.   The whole atmosphere was really great and it totally made me feel like I wasn't sitting in Central PA in the frigid cold. 

Dessert was a delicious slice of Praline Pumpkin Cheesecake.  I loved the presentation but I loved the taste even more. 

This was such a great date night for us and I can't wait to go back. 

If you are in the central Pennsylvania area make sure you check out Red Sky Cafe.

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