How to Keep Warm When It's Frigid Outside

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

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Hopefully you don't live where I live and the air doesn't hurt your face. I live in Pennsylvania so we can have really nasty winter cold. I think most places across the country experience a major dip in temperatures on a yearly basis but for those of you that are super intolerant to it, there are some easy and realistic ways to keep warm. 

I don't mind the cold as much as I do the humidity in the Summer because I can always do things to get warmer. But when I'm hot there's only so much I can do to cool off and of course there are only so many layers you can strip off before having the police called because you're walking around your backyard naked. 

Here are some life hacks for keeping warm when it's so cold that you can't feel your face...great now I'm humming that song.

Wrist Warmers || Seriously I love these things.  They are great for in the office or just at home when I need to use my fingers but I want my hands warmed up.  You can find
wrist warmers in different colors and styles and not only will you look cute but you really will warm up your hands.

Layering || Layering is my favorite cold weather fashion tip because it's cozy and comfy and it's always trendy.  Usually I layer a warm top with a scarf and a jacket.  Not only do you get to use more pieces from your closet but it's fun to mix the styles and patterns.

Cozy Socks || It may be fun to go barefoot in your house but did you ever notice that when your feet are cold your whole body is cold? I don't wear socks to bed but when I'm just hanging around the house I always wear cozy socks and I noticed that they keep me warm no matter how cold it is outside.  We also don't have a heated basement so our floors are cooler to the touch which makes it not so fun to go barefoot.  So get your coziest pair of socks and embrace the warmth!

Block Drafts || Even standing near a drafty window or door can make you shiver.  Obviously new windows (like what we need soon) will be better insulated to regulate temperature but if you have older windows and you notice it feels very drafty around them you can keep the curtains drawn and also consider a draft blocker for windows.  You can do the same for doors that you can feel cold air coming underneath.  Some people make their own draft blockers too!

Keep A Sweater EVERYWHERE || It's always a good idea to have a "big ugly sweater" or a cardigan in your car, at your office, and at home.  I'm talking about those super heavy knit ones that will make you overheat if you stay in them for too long.   If you are freezing and super uncomfortable toss your big ugly sweater on for 30 minutes till you warm up.

Hot Tea || This is the more obvious tip but it really does help warm you up from the inside out.  There's nothing better than a cup of warm tea in the afternoon to invigorate you.  At the same rate, I like to enjoy a cup of hot tea (sleepy tea of course!) to help me wind down in the evening!  Even just holding the hot mug helps warm my cold fingers and hands up.

Hopefully, these tips help you warm up and stay cozy on even the most frigid of days.

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  1. Love the post! I totally need this...we're having a snowday here! Tea is the best when it's cold.
    -Kate //

  2. Great tips! I'm currently FREEZING (in NJ) so I could definitely put some of these into action. :)

    1. Ohhhh girl it's like 12 degrees as i type this. UGH good luck and stay cozy!

  3. I love laying when it cold out.

  4. Cozy socks are a must! And there's no better feeling than cozy-ing up with a cup of hot tea on a cold day. It's been pretty chilly here in CO (especially at night), so these are much needed tips!

    Susie |

  5. We had snow here yesterday, and all I wanted to do was curl up and drink loads of tea!! haha so nice.

  6. I have a space heater under my desk at work because my office is so damn cold! Need some draft blockers to warm up my living room- great idea!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  7. I hate to be cold. For me, it's just tough to warm up once my hands and feet are cold. So I'm almost never without socks and slippers on. Stay warm.

  8. Living in New York and a very old house I have had to come up with ways to keep warm, and most of them are in this post! I HAVE to wear socks and slippers around my house. Lately with this below zero weather I have been wearing my warmest outdoor scarf around my neck. I may look ridiculous but it works and I can take it on and off easily. I always say I'd rather be cold than too hot in the humidity too!

    1. yep honestly, i can do things to warm up but you can only get so naked to cool off lol! Stay cozy and warm <3 spring is near!


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