Designing A Bespoke Ring: A Complete Checklist

Monday, June 26, 2023

If you and your partner have decided to have the engagement ring handcrafted by a custom jeweller, you have made a wise decision; why not have the ring made when the cost is the same as an already existing ring? If any event demanded a bespoke solution, an engagement would be it.

You may be wondering about the process of designing a diamond engagement ring from scratch. Below is a checklist to help you plan the perfect design.


Fix A Budget - One of the first things the custom jeweller will want to know is your budget, as this determines the scope of the project. Talk with your partner and come up with a figure that you can give the designer to come up with one of the best engagement rings in Brisbane or in the city where you are living when you have the initial Zoom call to discuss your requirements.

Choosing Gemstones - Of course, diamonds are traditional in an engagement ring, yet you may prefer sapphires, rubies or even emeralds; whatever your preferences, the custom jeweller can access wholesale gemstone markets and can acquire raw stones at trade prices. The jeweller cuts and polishes the stones, and then they are sent to GIA or a similar body to be graded and certified. Choosing the right cut is another important aspect. The bespoke jeweller can look at a loose diamond and know which cut will bring out the best in the stone. You should never buy gemstones that do not have certification for obvious reasons.

Choosing Metal - There are quite a few options: yellow, rose, or white gold, platinum or even a combination of two metals. The bespoke jeweller has thousands of images to help you with the design and he can work with the client to create the ring of their dreams. Of course, the ring will fit perfectly, as it is made by a skilled jeweller to the client’s size.

Setting - The setting secures the gemstones to the band. This component determines the sparkle factor of the diamonds and there are many styles, depending on your preferences. A halo setting with pave diamonds showcases the central diamond, while the traditional solitaire setting does not include smaller stones.

Style - If you already have a design concept in mind, the jeweller can work with that. However, if you have an open mind, the jeweller can show you many different engagement ring designs to give you some inspiration.

Minor Adjustments - During the design stage, it is common for the client to want to make a few small adjustments, which involves video calls between you and the jeweller. The jeweller understands the importance of getting it 100% right and will do what he can to make the client happy.

The process is as follows:

Make an enquiry with a reputable custom jeweller.

Share a Zoom call to discuss options.

The jeweller proposes a design and quotes a price.

The design is approved, and the jeweller gets to work.

The client views the piece, and client receives the gemstone certificates along with the ring.

The account is settled.

Most bespoke jewellery makers can work to the client’s budget and with their trade connections, they can save you money on the acquisition of gemstones.

If you are ready to approach a custom jeweller, start with a Google search to locate a bespoke jeweller near you and see what the professional has to say. You can contact several jewellers and compare designs and prices. Set your budget and work out a timeline, then you can contact relevant parties.

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