Styling a Throw Blanket

Wednesday, June 28, 2023


I love throw blankets because they serve 2 purposes.  They look super cute and add decorative accents throughout your home but they also can be functional if you're chilly and need to pull a blanket over yourself while you watch TV.  Some people just keep throw blankets folded and shoved into a closet until they need them, but I have some basic ways to style them so they add to the overall style of your home. 

Add layers on a bed.
I always have some sort of blanket draped over the bottom end of my bed.  I change it up each month using different patterns and texture but I love it because it makes it easier to grab an extra blanket while you sleep if you get too chilly. 

Draped over a chair.
Sometimes a room can look too plain if it's just furniture and an area rug.  If you have a smaller space you may not have lots of room for floor decor which is why a throw blanket draped over the back of a chair can look AMAZING.   Even if it's just an accent chair, it can give it some extra texture. 

Covering a couch
So I go ALL OUT with this. I will lay multiple throws over different parts of my couch and then LOAD it up with throw pillows.  Bonus if you have pets - it's once again easier to wash the blanket than the couch! 

Draped over a coffee table
Sometimes adding a soft touch like a faux fur throw over a coffee table and then having a tray on top with a few magazines can be just what you need in your living room.  And of course, you can always wash the throw if you spill something on it. 

Hanging halfway out of a basket. 
Not only is a decorative basket a great way to store home decor items, but a basket itself can be styled by hanging a pretty throw blanket over the edge.   Some people even throw a stack of books alongside it or some faux flowers. 

On a bench. 
I wanted to show you how by simply folding a throw in half you can then place it over the bench.  This not only protects the bench because it's obviously easier to wash a blanket than a bench, but also how it can add some light color and texture to a room. 

How do you style throws in your home? 

6 Ways to Style a Throw Blanket

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