Your Ultimate Guide to Buying a Used Tesla Model Y

Monday, June 26, 2023


A Tesla is a highly advanced electric vehicle with impressive performance and features. If you want to buy one, a used model can be affordable.

However, purchasing a used Tesla comes with its own set of unique challenges. From groaning rear hatch actuators to bubbles in the prominent touchscreen, there's much to look for.

Know What You Want

When shopping for a used Tesla, there are some things you need to consider that are different than when you shop for any other type of car. For example, you want to ensure the battery has its entire range. Check that the touchscreen and instrument panel are in good condition. You must also look for mechanical issues and the car's overall quality.

One way to ensure you get a quality car is to buy it from a dealer. They tend to have higher mechanical standards and offer warranties. However, finding a great Tesla from a private seller is also possible.

While you are shopping, ask for service records. These will give you a clear picture of the history of the car and any repairs that may be needed soon. You should also pay attention to any noises the vehicle makes while driving. If you hear a whine while accelerating, it could be a sign that the drive unit needs replacing.

A Tesla is a fun car to drive, but only with problems.

Know Where to Look

Knowing where to buy a used Tesla Model Y is essential, and you should start with internet sources. It will help you determine what a reasonable asking price is for the car.

Another great place to look is with private sellers. Private sellers often offer better deals than dealerships and show you the car's service history.

Tesla's CPO (Certified Pre-Owned) program is another excellent option for buyers looking for a reliable car. Tesla technicians inspect these cars and meet specific cosmetic standards before being sold. They also have a warranty covering the battery and drive unit for up to eight years or 120,000 miles.

Suppose you're looking for a specific configuration. In that case, you can even check which options are included in the car by asking the seller to provide the login details for their MyTesla account. It will show you what options are installed on the car and its factory gate date.

Lastly, what software is on the vehicle? Because Tesla constantly updates its vehicles, you'll want to ensure that the one you buy has the latest and most remarkable features. It will ensure that you're getting the best possible value and that your car is up to date on all the latest safety features.

Know What to Expect

When shopping for a used Tesla Model Y, there are some things to remember. Often, these cars will need some features included in a newer vehicle. 

For example, the base Model Y lacks a rearview camera and does not support full self-driving capabilities. If those are essential features, you'll want to stick with a newer vehicle. Also, some older vehicles may have exterior trim issues like panel gaps and condensation in the tail lights. Those can be expensive repairs to resolve.

Another thing to consider is maintenance costs. Teslas are more expensive to maintain than other cars, particularly when it comes to everyday items such as brake pads and rotors. Plus, they require specialized parts that can drive the cost up even further.

Finally, be sure to look at the service history of the car. Tesla owners must share PDF copies of their service records through the app, so that's an excellent way to see what kind of history a car has. Plus, it can help you determine if the car was correctly maintained and how much mileage it's had.

Know What to Look For

Like any other car, Tesla Model Ys is not without its issues. However, some things are worth looking for when shopping for a used one.

Typically, shoppers will look for essential items such as previous accident history, a clean car fax, and evidence of repainting when buying a vehicle. Tesla cars, however, are unique and require more scrutiny than other vehicles.

For instance, buyers should ask for service records and look through the "service" section of the Tesla app to see what repairs have been done by previous owners. It's also a good idea to ask for the warranty documentation to see if there are any remaining parts warranties.

Finally, if the buyer plans to use the vehicle for long trips, it's a good idea to drive the car and check that the autopilot features work correctly. It's not uncommon for autopilot features to degrade over time, which can be expensive to fix out of warranty.

It's also good to check the exterior for misaligned chrome trim and panel gaps. While these aren't typically deal-breakers, they should be reflected in the selling price. It said buyers should also take the vehicle to a Supercharger station and ensure it recharges 100%. It is an essential indicator of battery degradation.

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  1. My husband has a Tesla and loves it.


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