Finish Your Garage Right With Epoxy Flooring

Monday, December 4, 2023


The majority of homes in Charlotte are sold, accepted, and lived in an unfinished garage. Generally, the garage area is treated just as utility area. So, in most cases, it tends to just be a bare cement floor. If homeowners are lucky, the walls and ceiling are at least covered with drywall, but no paint, no trim, and no comfortable flooring. Yet, in reality, a garage makes up a huge footprint of space in a home, especially if it is attached. And just leaving that space unfinished is a huge waste of both value and function. Fortunately, there’s a very effective way to recapture the benefits of a home garage.

Why Consider Epoxy Flooring Versus Painting

Epoxy is extremely durable and resistant to chemicals as well as scuffing and friction. The same can’t be said for paint or similar. While cement paint works fine for appearance, it is not designed to take pressure or friction contact, especially from things like rubber tires. Additionally, paint is oil-based, which means that solvents and other oils can penetrate it and begin to destroy paint as a layer. At that point, the cement underneath is again exposed. With epoxy, on the other hand, penetration doesn’t occur. The epoxy binding creates a barrier that chemicals and water can’t penetrate, so liquid remains easy to clean up, versus causing ugly stains.

Concrete epoxy flooring in Charlotte is also applied in multiple layers, adding to the protection of the garage floor. The primary first coat is a foundation, adhering to the cement floor after it has been prepared with grinding to provide a clean, bare surface for the epoxy to bind with. The base layer is then covered with a secondary and top layer, both of which add to the protection and create a resistant barrier that liquid can’t penetrate. The cement stays clean and unstained, and the epoxy creates a dependable surface that is easy to clean and utilize as a finished floor surface. The temperature at which the epoxy is applied as well, affecting the curing process. 

Use Epoxy as an Effective Moisture Barrier

Blocking concrete from absorbing water and contaminants is key to extending its life and protecting its strength. When concrete loses integrity, it begins to crumble and crack. That lets in more moisture and the problem gets worse from there. A garage floor coating near me blocks the process from starting in the first place, giving a homeowner a reliable room and space to work or live in without humidity, moisture and related water damage.

Additional Benefits

Epoxy flooring also provides benefits of safer walking in a garage due to the grit included for traction, easier cleaning of the flooring, long-life durability and allows easy conversion of a garage space into an additional room for a home. Epoxy tends to be UV-stable, which means even with the garage open, the flooring coloring is not going to change or start peeling. And it’s extremely easy to treat to prevent bacterial transfer, especially if one is using their garage as an extra kitchen, for example. Hands down, epoxy flooring has so many benefits, homeowners typically find themselves asking why they didn’t do it sooner once installed.

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