Tips For Living With Chronic Pain (And Still Getting The Most Out Of Life)

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

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Living with chronic pain is one of the most challenging things anyone ever has to go through in life. Nobody wants to be constantly in a state of discomfort. It’s awful.

Fortunately, some things have worked for some people that you can try yourself. These won’t always be a panacea, but they can make enough of a difference to improve your life and free you up to do more.

Track Your Pain

One tip is to track your pain over time, recording how it varies and what might be causing it to change from one hour, day, or week to the next. If you can find patterns, you can sometimes avoid situations that cause discomfort.

For example, you might notice that your pain is worse when you stay home on the weekend, but much better when you go out for a hike. Or you might notice that thinking about estranged family members triggers it while focusing on work doesn’t.

Find Therapies That Work


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It’s also a good idea to keep experimenting until you find therapies that work (not everything will). Working with a doctor can be helpful because you can go through things methodically and tick them off one at a time to say you’ve tried them.

For example, you might start with physical therapy and acupuncture. You might also experiment with a chiropractor if you click here and there when walking or getting up from a desk seat.

Some people find massage works by confusing the unwanted signals coming in from the body. Targeting problem areas can make a difference over time.

Challenge Negative Thoughts

At the same time, it can help to target chronic pain from multiple angles. You want to avoid a situation where you’re punishing yourself in the mind, adding to the problems in the body.

Being bright and breezy might not be an option immediately. But if you can take on the voices in your head that are saying things like you’ll never get well or enjoy your life can help a great deal.

Many people find that replacing negativity with something positive can help. For example, if you can give the pain a purpose, then that can help in some situations.

Get More Sleep

If you have chronic pain, getting more sleep can also help. Failing to sleep properly at night can sometimes make symptoms worse.

Go to bed at the same time every night, and wake up in the morning with your alarm. Keep doing this for a few weeks and see if it brings you to a better place (along with everything else you’re doing). Even if it seems hard, don’t give up. Keep going and see what happens.,

Put The Right Food In Your Body

Finally, put the right food in your body. Eating a balanced diet with plenty of whole foods can help some people feel better and eliminate symptoms for others entirely.

Just remember, if you have chronic pain, you’re not making it up. It’s a real thing with real solutions.

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