Sunday, November 11, 2012

Tasc Performance Workout Gear Review

TascPerformance is a company that offers high quality clothing to help enhance your active lifestyle.  When exercising, it’s important to wear something that helps assist in what you are trying to get done.  How can you become stronger and more flexible if you can barely move comfortably in your outfit? 

I received Compression Pants and a Fitted Tank Top.  They are both super comfortable but the compression pants are great because they help me run in a more balanced fashion and they really make me feel good while running.  Compression wear is good for you because it helps wick away moisture, lets you breath, and help the bloodflow as you work out.  Tasc Performance also uses Bamboo Performance Technology which is comfortable, anti odor, UPF 50+, light weight, and stretchy.

I love this outfit and it boosts my self esteem so much when I’m working out!

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