White Spikes at Becoming Elizabeth

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Becoming Elizabeth embraces the latest jewelry trends with spikes and tassles.  I love the colors as well.  The colors are so soft but still great for statement jewelry.

I received a White Spike Necklace from Becoming Elizabeth.  I absolutely love this necklace.  It looks so good with most of my outfits and it’s lightweight and comfortable.  Some necklace pinch my neck and my hair sets stuck in them but this is just dainty enough that it’s still a statement piece, without being bulky and a hassle.  The soft white color is so beautiful and gives it such a luxurious look!!!  I have been wearing it in a lot of photos for outfit posts so be sure to keep an eye out!! 

I also must say, the prices are very very fair at Becoming Elizabeth and if you want to embrace the spike trend with a subtle piece of jewelry, this is the ideal place to get it from!

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