OUT Petcare Products Review

Sunday, November 18, 2012

OUT Petcare is a brand that brings you effective and reliable products when it comes to caring for your pets and cleaning up after them.   I was lucky enough to get the chance to try out 3 different OUT products and I hope that my reviews of them help you make your next purchase.

OUT! Training Pads with Moisture Lock

Some people use training pads for new puppies, elderly dogs, or for small breeds.  I have 4 chihuahuas so I use the training pads on a daily basis for my dogs.   These training pads were perfect for several reasons:
1. They didn't leak. 
One of the main problems I've had in the past with certain training pad brands is that the urine and mess on them would leak or run off the sides or even through the pad.  This didn't happen at all here.  It was very easy for me to fold the soiled pad up and dispose of it.  Who wants to use a training pad that leaks through to your carpet? 

2.  They helped contain the smell.  These were great.  Nothing is more embarassing than company stopping over when your house is beginning to smell like there are 4 dogs in it! I'm usually great with keeping on top of this but sometimes life gets busy and I get a bit behind, just by a few hours.  These helped contain the odor and they absorbed the mess so it didn't stink!

3.  The absorbing material inside was evenly distributed.  I have purchased pads that actually have no filling in certain parts because they are all bumpy and uneven.  What's the point?  I am so greatful for these great training pads. 

Another product I got to try was the Oxy-Fast Stain Remover.  Yes, accidents still do happen, and so this was great for some of the worst accidents ever.  Whether it's blood, dirt, coffee, urine, or even vomit, this worked very fast to remove stains in their entirety and get rid of the odor so that if it was a territorial accident (urination) it wouldn't be as likely to happen again in the future especially in that same spot.

I really loved Out! Bone Dispenser  and Waste Pick Up Bags.  It conveniently attaches to a leash, belt loop, or whatever else you want to hook it too.  Then it's easy to tear off a bag when you need to clean up the mess.  They are certainly leak proof and keep the odor inside until you can get to a trash receptacle.  The Rainbow Pick-Up Bags were very colorful and it was an extra incentive for cleaning up the mess, if you even call that an incentive. 

A lot of these items are great gifts for someone with a new puppy or just for your everyday dog lover!!

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