The Official Ask Away Gift Guide for Central PA

Monday, November 26, 2012

I love giving gifts, but sometimes it seems pointless to get something for someone just because you need to find a gift.  This is especially the case when it's something that can be put aside eventually and forgotten about, like a decoration, jewelry, etc.

What I like to do these days is give services as a gift, especially local services.  So this is my official gift guide for anyone in Central Pa.

Custom Cuisine Personal Chef Services from Chef Lori Kerr 
For $32 a meal, you can give a gift certificate for this service to your parents, siblings, or practically anyone.  Chef Lori will come to their home, decide on a menu, and then come back at a scheduled date/time to prepare the meals in their home.  When she's done, you won't even be able to tell she was there because she uses all her own supplies and cleans up after herself.  I blogged about my experience with her personal chef services. A gift certificate for her services will not only save the recipient money from grocery store meals that week, but it will also give them a week of more free time and not having to plan out meals because Chef Lori does all that work for them!!
*This is a great gift to parents from all the kids if you all chip in together* 

Susquehanna Riverboat Ride
A gift certificate for a ride on the Susquehanna Riverboat is a great gift as the whole experience is enjoyable.  Stella and I got to experience this over the summer when I blogged about our day out on the Pride of the Susquehanna. Whether it's for a crab dinner, a mystery night cruise, a wine and cheese cruise, or even a pirate adventure for kids, you can choose from all different occassions.   What a perfect date night gift for your sister and brother in law! 

Wine from the Vineyard at Hershey
Not only can you go down yourself and purchase wine from this local vineyard, but you can even set up a VIP experience in the tasting room that you could give as a gift to someone.  It's a great change of scenery and I must say I really do love this place. I blogged about my amazing time at the Merlot Release Party in September! The people there are wonderful and will do their absolute best to give you the best experience possible!

These are my 3 favorite places/services in Central PA so when I say that I am recommending these, I am promising you my word that I truly stand behind all 3 of these!  

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