How to Split Thanksgiving Day Plans in a Relationship

Friday, November 9, 2012

How to Split Thanksgiving Day Plans in a Relationship

This is a typical scenario, so before you panic, realize you are not alone.  Your boyfriend’s family is very close and they ALWAYS get together on Thanksgiving, and you have never missed a Thanksgiving with your family either, so now, how will you come to an agreement on how to split up the holidays.  When skipping out on one family is NOT an option here are several others.

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Do your own separate thing

In cases where there is a lot of distance (miles) between you and your family or your boyfriend and his family, you may not be able to come to an agreement.  Sometimes the only way to slit them up is to literally split them up.  You go to your family’s house for the day and he goes to his family’s house and you make sure to send a long a simply gift (candle, autumn bouquet, etc.) with a note and a message that you are sorry you can’t make it.

Have your meals at different times

Since you still have a couple weeks, now is the time to contact your family (his side and yours) and ask what time they wanted to eat.  See if there’s a way to have a brunch with one side and a dinner with the other.  Since Thanksgiving is only one day that’s usually the easiest option.  Christmas  has an Eve and a Day so there are a bit more options but I’ll cover that in December.

Bring the Holiday to your Home

In a case where both sides of the family are not in the immediate area,  it may be best to take one for the team and invite both to your home so that THEY travel and you prepare the food and everybody wins. 

Now… what are YOUR solutions to this? Has this ever happened to you? What did you decide on? 

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