How to Dress for a Funeral

Thursday, November 29, 2012

What to Wear to a Funeral

Yeah, even the title seems taboo, huh?  The reality is, fashion faux pas can happen anywhere, and in some cases, people may not care, but it may affect how you feel about yourself.  Slinking around embarrassed to see anyone because you feel like you dressed  totally inappropriately is not a good way to help console someone at a solemn event like a funeral.  So here are a few tips to help you.

Don’t wear bright colors
Oh, you have a fuscia blazer? That’s nice, but save it for a happier occasion.  Darker colors tend to help embrace someone’s sadness and it almost encourages them to accept their feelings for what they are going through.  It’s good for the coping and healing process, after all, that’s why funerals are held. 
Appropriate colors for a funeral are:
Forest Greens
Deep Reds

Shoes Matter
DO NOT wear stilettos, as it gives the wrong impression!!  Instead, stick to flats or low cut boots or mary jane type heels in black or brown.  Remember, there may be times where you have to stand for a while and you don’t want to look taboo for shifting around a lot, messing with your feet, and looking impatient.  Also, keep it realistic with walking because in some cases, cemetery services are held and you will look like a FOOL as your dagger heels sink into the ground and you cause a mini-scene.

Dresses and Skirts are okay
A dress or skirt is okay, as long as the length is at the knee (if you are wearing tights under it) or even below the knee if you aren’t.  Also, if it’s winter, Try to always wear tights under your skirt!

photo by robertjosiahvia PhotoRee
Showing  Skin.
If you have a sleeveless  dress try to wear a shawl or a wrap over it unless it’s warm out.  Otherwise, wear a cardigan to cover your shoulders and make sure your top is not too low cut at all.  That’s a huge distraction to, ahem, some men, and the other women will NOT appreciate it.  Yes, people can still be catty and dramatic even in someone’s time of mourning, so don’t add any fuel to ANY fires. 

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