Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Official Ask Away Gift Guide for Pet Lovers

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The Furminator

This is ideal for someone who has a dog or cat with long OR short hair that sheds on the furniture, on their clothes, and everywhere else.  It's called the Furminator and it works wonders.  It's a professional grade grooming tool, which is basically a brush with a blade.  I highly suggest you purchase one from Amazon.   Very low pricing there.   And yes it WILL work!! Trust me, you will get tons and tons of hair out of your pet the first time.  It's amazing how much hair keeps coming out and it makes sense now that they seem to shed so well.
Cost - Depending on the dog's size $10-$20 on Amazon

Martingale Collar

The Martingale Collar is ideal for the dog that pulls it's way out of a regular collar.  Choker collars are used by some people but ideally they aren't 100% safe for all dogs, especially smaller dogs like Chihuahua's with sensitive throats.  The Martingale Collar tightens up in only one area so as not to choke your dog, but it tightens up enough that your dog can NOT slip out of it's leash.  I have one for Grace because when she panics when we are on a walk, she used to pull out of her collar and run away.  Since having one of these for over 2 years now, she has yet to successfully get away. You can choose either from large, medium, or small!
Cost - $7-10  on Amazon

Kids N Pets Cleaner

For someone who is cleaning up messes a lot, trust me you will fall in love with this product.  I even reviewed Kids N Pets before and now I won't stop buying it.  It's so affordable and it is the ONLY thing that works on set in stains and stains that won't come out with anything else.  It smells great too.   I SWEAR on this product. 

Cost - $14.99 for two on Amazon!

The Bissell Titanium SpotBot Pet

The Bissell Titanium SpotBot Pet is just the best gift ever! I also swear on this when it comes to cleaning up pet mess and even people met.  It's portable, easy to use, easy to fill and empty, and I have not one complaint!!!! I had one for years and years and finally got a newer one!! It costs $149.99 at Target, which is the best deal I've seen with it!

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