Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Do Opposites REALLY Attract?

Relationships – Do opposites really attract?
The answer in my opinion is yes when it comes to morals and no when it comes to certain personality and interest matters.
 A couple is more likely to get along when they share the same moral beliefs like:
compassion for animals, marriage beliefs, living together before marriage, whether flirting in a relationship is okay or not, work ethic, working hard and planning vs taking each day as it comes, financial habits (spend spend spend , save while spending), and religious beliefs.

photo by Robert Scalesvia PhotoRee

But when a couple is too much the same with things like passions, it could cause conflict, just like sibling rivalry.  Conflict may arise because you both are passionate over a hobby and you become competitive.  Also, sometimes there’s no room to negotiate because neither of you want to give up your passion or hobby.

 What do you think?

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  1. Well, I'm not married or anything-but I think opposites attract in someways. As you said, somethings are non optional (for me it would be the future spouse being a growing Christian). But other things are fun to see-my mom is a pessimist, my dad is an optimist. In fact it was funny, the other day my mom saw "shooting stars" outside the window-my dad said it was "space junk" LOL! In marriage I think it's good to have some things opposite, so they can balance one another out. But what do I know? Just observations! :)
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