Amethyst Jeans Review

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Amethyst Jeans are one of my favorite brands of jeans ever. They have the best fit and they have so many awesome trendy styles.  I've always liked Amethyst Jeans since their capris and shorts fit me so well, and once I tried their jeans, I fell in love.  They are great quality and go through the wash just fine.  There are so many different styles to choose from. 

My personal favorite are the ones below, with the holes.  They give a relaxed look at any outfit and I just paired these with a pair of comfy Skechers sneakers and a simple plain blue tee.   Their website has a great size guide to help you figure out exactly which size jeans you will need, and they also have a great store locator tool so you can find out which stores in your area carry Amethyst Jeans. I am very picky with jeans, but I adore Amethyst Jeans!

My Advice: A good pair of jeans is necessary for every wardrobe!

I received no compensation for this review. I did receive a sample for review purposes. All opinions are that of my own and are completely honest. 


  1. These look adorable on you! I love Amethyst Jeans! I always go straight for the pockets with flaps on them because they make my butt look smaller. It I go with no design on the pockets it is not so pretty. hehehe

  2. those jeans do look great on you!!

    Also did you darken your hair??? If so, I LOVE IT!


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