Guest Post: 4 Tips on Wearing Trapeze Dresses

Monday, January 2, 2012

4 Tips on Wearing Trapeze Dresses

This guest post is by Creative Fashion. She teaches women how to be creative and gleeful fashionistas.

Trapeze shapes are interesting but a little challenging to style. They come in many forms - trapeze dresses, trapeze coats and trapeze blouses. But if you´re not careful, it´s easy to get caught in a trapeze shape and left looking pregnant or completely out of shape.

A trapeze dress is something that is tight on the bust and extends freely as it reaches the hemlines. It looks like letter A and there are plenty of rooms in it. Trapeze dresses can look flattering to some but can also look very unflattering to those who aren´t aware of right tricks to use.

If you love to put a hand on trapeze dresses, follow these four tips and you are guaranteed to look great regardless of your size or height.

1. The right trapeze if you have thick arms

trapeze dress for thick shoulders

If you are heavy in the arms, a wrong trapeze dress will highlight their thickness. To drive the attention away from your arms, go for trapeze dresses that are sleeved. Another trick you can use is by layering a sleeveless trapeze dress with a t-shirt.

2. The right trapeze if you´re very busty

trapeze dress for big bust

If you´re very busty, the trapeze dresses that will complement your gift and curves are those with scoop neck. Try a trapeze dress in a stretchy jersey with a scoop neck, then wear accessories that steal attention such as killer shoes or great handbags.

3. The right trapeze if you´re very slim

trapeze dress for very thin with small bust

If you're very thin or small chested, try a stiff trapeze shift dress or top with spaghetti straps. Because the dress is roomy, it will add you volume while your exposed shoulders and arms give balance to the overall look.

4. The right trapeze if you´re very tall

trapeze dress for very tall

If you're very tall, find the trapeze dresses that are a little shorter than intended on you. Try layering up with some skinny jeans or tights underneath.

In order to look flattering in a trapeze dress, it´s important that you know the right style and cut that will complement your figure. To avoid looking pregnant in this silhouette, steer away from overly exaggerated trapeze garments with multiple layers. Remember these tips whenever you put on a trapeze shape dress for a gorgeous, ultimate flattering look.

Have Your Say

So tell me darlings, which trapeze shape do find most challenging to wear? What styling tricks do you use in wearing trapeze dresses?


  1. Great advice! Great dresses and G.R.E.A.T. shoes (always my "great" weakness, LOL!)

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