Red Denim - An Obvious Statement

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

They might seem a little bold, but it's actually relatively easy to pull off a look with red jeans.  Not only is your statement already made, but you probably already have the shirt you need to wear with red jeans.

A simple black or white tee will suffice, alone with some flats, or simply heels.  The best part about the outfit is that you will feel relaxed and comfy yet you will look super chic.  Red naturally gives you a more dressy look.

You can also wear a top that you tuck into the jeans, if you want to show off a belt, or draw more attention to your legs.  But if you just want a relaxed look, throwing a tshirt over top can also do the trick.  It seems like every magazine I look in lately, more and more celebs are wearing red denim!

It's super easy to make a great look from red denim - check out this look and keep it affordable!
Statement Studs


  1. It's surprising how good brown looks with red jeans too!

  2. I love the cut/fit of the ones in the main pic, above all the movie stars....any specifics on those? As in make and where to find?


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