The Knit Hat Trend

Friday, January 27, 2012

Open any magazine this Winter, and you will see atleast one or two celebs wearing a knit hat.  It's the latest trend to keep your head warm without messing up your locks.  The hat adds so much to any look.  

Slouchy knit hats are great because they are comfortable and leave enough room on the top of your head that it won't totally press your hair flat. These knit hats are also great because you can leave them on inside without getting terribly overheated!  Everyone should own at least one, at least I think so! I have 3!


  1. I have two slouchy hats and I love them! They are so comfortable and look cute too!

  2. I love my knit hats! I have the knit headbands too!

  3. JCP is having a nice sale on knit hats- i got a $26 hat for $5


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