The Key to Successfully Wear Tiger Print

Thursday, January 26, 2012

It's not an easy thing to pull off Tiger Print.  While other animal print designs such as leopard and zebra are easier because they look better with accessories, tiger print can look tacky if there is too much, or even if you don't have it with the right accessories.

Obviously, a dress looks great alone, maybe with some simple black pumps.

Tiger print leggings look best with a simple black top.  That way, the part that sticks out is the actual Tiger Print. 

So you see, keeping it simple is key.  You want the main attractiion of your outfit to be the tiger print design, so whatever you do, don't take away from it!

Another great way to rock stripes is with shoes! They look great with a little black dress.

So what did we learn today? Keeping it simple with colors and designs is key.  Your tiger stripes are already going to draw attention, so don't add anything else that makes your outfit look too busy.

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