Thursday, March 29, 2012 is such a cute shop.  It’s full of animal head gear that is affordable and looks great!  It make a great fashion statement which is why I think it’s such a great idea.  I have seen some tacky designs this winter, so I was really pleased with the selection on’s website!

I received a Wolf Hat and it is just too cute.  It’s perfect for me and my wild and feisty personality.  It goes with a ton of outfits and is the perfect accessory to my wardrobe.  It’s very comfortable to wear and didn’t make my head itchy or mess up my hair.  It actually kept my arms warm as the sun went down, which was nice. 

It’s funny because the longer I wore this, the more outgoing I became while being photographed.  It actually helped my personality come out more.  This is definitely something I would wear at a camp fire, or  backyard barbecue!!!  I love my Wolf Hat!!!

My advice: Add some spice in your wardrobe with a wild animal hat from!
I received no monetary compensation for this review. I received a product sample for the purpose of my review. All opinions expressed are mine and mine alone.


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