Designers Come Together for the Ebay Fashion Vault

Friday, March 23, 2012

So while I was on ebay the other day I popped over to the Fashion Vault and I saw all of these bags with the phrase "You can't fake fashion" on them. Upon closer review, I noticed each tote had a different design, based on the designer that made it. 

For instance, David Yurman specializes in jewelry, so their bag had a cool chain on it!

I think it is so awesome to see all the different designers come together and add their own little edge to each tote.  Now, for $200, it can really be worth it if you are into the designer.  There are so many different ones, such as Betsey Johnson and even Tommy Hilfiger. There were also some I haven't heard of but they had beautiful bags. 

My favorite was this one:

Carlos Falchi mixes a bit of urban design into their tote. I totally wish I could get it but I have some other things I'm saving up my money for. 

Which bag is your favorite?

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