Awesome Knit Hats - Made by my friend!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Okay, so I have a friend who makes these amazing knit hats!  She contacted me after I did a post about celebrities and their knit hats. She actually knits these hats herself!  Knit hats are always in, and they are great for windy days. Not only do they keep your head warm but they will gently keep your hair in place!  She is a great friend and such a sweet lady.  Here are a few pictures of some of her hats. 

Notice how the second one is folded so you can see how easy they are to fold and tuck for a coat pocket, jacket sleeve, or even a handbag!

She can make any colors you want and for men she can even make them one color or two colors! 

If you are interested in a hat from Patty contact her at:


  1. Those are awesome. I definitely want to get a black one for sure!

  2. It's hard to find hand made items anymore without spending a fortune. This just might be one to get. They look fantastic. - Doug

  3. I love the multi-colored one next to the white one...would you please remind us as it gets closer to fall? (like late summer?) I know that sounds stupid but I very well might buy one but not with summer coming :)


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