My Little Man is Going to The Vets

Thursday, March 22, 2012

My sweet little man goes to the vet this Friday for a check up and a consult so I can get him neutered. So let this be a reminder to everyone that it's very important to get your pet's spayed and neutered. Let breeding to the breeders and promote adoption from a shelter whenever you can.  Don't try to become a breeder.

And if you let your pet outside be sure they are kept contained in your yard, and make sure they always have a collar on with some sort of ID. 
Pixie and Rocky after waking up from a nap

Rocky is doing great, he is so well behaved! He is great with going to the bathroom, eating on schedule, and listening to me when I give commands.
Grace and Rocky BUSTED in the middle of a nap. Yep, that's right...Grace has finally warmed up to him!

And....I caught each of my girls playing with him recently. They all love him and have accepted him into our family!

I will right another blog post/update after his vet appointment.

1 comment:

  1. Aw! What a sweetie! I'm glad the girls are warming up to him!

    I hope he made out okay at the vet's.


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