Meet Rocky...My Newest Chihuahua Addition!

Monday, March 5, 2012

This weekend I was blessed with an addition to my Chihuahua Clan!  My mom called me on Saturday because she happened upon a little chihuahua running through her neighborhood.  She told me he was really nice but she didn't want to keep him inside until they find his owner because my mom and dad have another Chihuahua and they didn't know if he would mind. So ofcourse I said yes to taking him at my house. 

Instantly I fell in love, he was so sweet and so well behaved.  I began searching for his owners, but come Sunday morning still came up with nothing.

Through word of mouth in my parents' neigborhood the owners were discovered and my mom paid them a visit. It was an elderly couple from Kansas, staying with their son and daughter in law, and they have 4 dogs total.  It turns out they had been planning to rehome some of the dogs because it was beginning to be too much for them. My mom showed them a picture of me and my current pups and the man said "I believe in signs, and I believe this is a sign that he wandered into the arms of a Chihuahua lover!".   They told my mom I could keep him, they told me his name, Rocky, and they told me when they get back to Kansas they will send his papers, etc. to me. 

Rocky is fitting in just fine, he loves his house, siblings, and his life in general.  It's very obvious by how happy he is all the time.  As an 8 year old Chihuahua, he's very mature and calm, which I am thankful for.  I plan to write more about him and my other Chihuahuas as I go along! 


  1. Aww. He's a cutie. He was lucky to come across you!

  2. Aw! What an adorable baby! I'm SO jealous! Look at his little face when he's sleeping! Too cute for words!! How lucky he is to have you!

    Congratulations on your new addition!!!!

  3. Coolest puppy in the world!

  4. He is sooo handsome ! I so love dogs !

  5. Rocky is ADORABLE!!

    I also believe in "serendipity" and "signs" and that certainly was a HUGE sign that Rocky is supposed to be with you!

    He is precious!

  6. He is adorable!! Congrats on your new addition!

    The picture linking to this doesn't seem to be working for me, thought you might wanna doublecheck the link. :)


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