Airing Your Relationship Drama on Social Media

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Recently,  I discussed with some people the whole idea of if it's okay or totally wrong to post your relationship drama on Facebook and Twitter.  
Basically - the answer is no.  No matter how you look at it. 
And I broke it down into these easy reasons why:

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1. No one wants to hear it!
If you want someone to know, send them a text or call them.  Gush to your girlfriend, but don't post it for everyone to see.  It just brings bad energy to your timeline and it looks like a cry for help, whether you mean it that way or not.

2.  It drags other people into the drama.
So your man's cousin is on your Facebook...and he blabs to his mom, who calls your boyfriend's mom and now all of a sudden it's a family affair.  This leaves you AND your man embarassed and this is a lesson that can easily be learned by reading this blog post, and NEVER doing it!!

3.  It adds fuel to the fire.
Not only will you now have to resolve your relationship drama, but now you'll have to hope your man can calm down enough to forgive you for airing your dirty laundry! 

Think ahead
Ask yourself what good can come out of you doing this?  Is it going to make you feel THAT MUCH better in the long run? Probably not.  And how would you feel if he did it to you?

Take 3 deep breathes before hitting submit.
Sure, type that status up, but before you hit submit..... Read it, and then take 3 deep breathes... then click the X and immediately close your browser. 

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