Why It’s Okay to Talk to Several People at a Time

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

First of all, let me clear up what the title of this blog post means.  I am not teling you to start dating multiple people at a time, or sleeping with more than one person at a time.  I am simply saying that when it comes to this generations favorite way of communication – Texting/calling/Facebooking – it’s okay to casually “talk to” multiple guys.   

photo by Ella (green is beautiful?)via PhotoRee

Obviously, this is my opinion but all too often I’ve noticed friends of mine talking to a guy, and they become so focused on him that they make excuses for everything he does, because in their mind, how are they supposed to know that there are better things out there or that it’s possible for people to treat them better? 

Scenario 1: Say the first guy greets you every morning with a Good Morning text…. Seems like he may be genuinely interested in you……the second guy barely makes an attempt to chat with you at all and you have to be the one to initiate the convos.
Benefit – This should make you come to the realization that: If person one enjoys talking to you so much that he willingly contacts you on a regular basis, what is person two’s excuse?  Granted, not every situation will hold true to this, but sometimes when you have a selection of 5 people you regularly talk to, it’s easy to see who the slackers are.

 Scenario 2:The first guy can hold conversations with you about interesting things or current events and he actually asks you how you are doing or how your day was, and then when you respond, he keeps the conversation going.  The second guy does simple small talk but doesn’t seem concerned about your bad day at work, and only holds a conversation when he can make flirty/sexual references to you.
Benefit – You deserve a guy that is respectful to you and genuinely interested in you, not one that is flaky, and only wants to talk dirty to you.  

Scenario 3:The first guy ends up asking you if you want to get together for dinner sometime while the second guy never even brings up hanging out and you have to initiate the idea of it. 
 Benefit – You ARE good enough to warrant someone asking you to hangout so why aren’t they?

These are just a few reasons, and I hope you get what I mean !:) 

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