Sara Gallo Doll Shoe Jewelry Review

Monday, February 4, 2013

Sara Gallo is an amazing designer of jewelry and what really makes her unique is that one of her jewelry lines is Doll Shoe Jewelry, which is made guessed it...doll shoes!!!! 

I received a Doll Shoe Bracelet and a Flapper Girl Doll Shoe Necklace.  The colors are very vibrant and when all the shoes are together it looks like a crazy unique piece of art.  Let me tell you that wearing Doll Shoe Jewelry got me a lot of compliments especially because it's so unique, but still fashionable.

When it comes to fashion, I always like finding unique pieces of jewelry and will draw attention but still look appropriate with my outfit.

It's so cool how such an awesome piece of statement jewelry can come together from something as simple as a doll's shoe!!   I love the fanned out look they have on the necklace and the chain is super cool for a statement piece!!

Definitely check out Sara's jewelry!

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